Hair Color Chart

P =D: Represents piano color, vertical arrangement of hair strands like piano keys.
F=S=D: Example, F1B/30--The bottom layer is weaved densely with  1B and the top layer is weaved less
           densely with 30. This mix brings the piano or the frost (highlighted) effects.
          D is identical to P  but F or S has highlighted effects.
The vertical  through mix of hairs..
T: Example, T1B/30--About  4/5 top portion is vertically arranged by 1B(most) and 30(little) and
     the 1/5 bottom is arranged by most 30 and little 1B.
2T=TT: Example, 2T1B/30: Top half has 1B and the bottom half has 30.

Color Description

1 Jet Black 27 Strawberry Blonde 130 Medium Reddish Brown


30 Medium Auburn 144 Golden Blonde
2 Dark Brown 33 Dark Auburn 280 Dark Brown & 10% Gray
4 Medium Brown 44 Dark Brown & 15% Gray 350 Reddish Auburn
6 Chestnut Brown 51 Black & 75% Gray 613 Bright Light Blonde
8 Med-chestnut Brown 60 White    
18 Dark Ash Blonde 99J Deep Red Wine    
22, 24 Light Blonde 118 Burgundy