Saga Remy Human Hair Weaving Nape 12"-14" [D]

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Saga Remy Human Hair Weaving Nape 12"-14" [D]

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Saga Remy Human Hair Weaving Nape 12"-14" Inch [D]

Your style will last longer. One of the main problematic areas of a weave is the nape section because rubbing against the collar of the clothing and movement during sleep are just some of the ways hair along the nape gets damaged much faster than the rest of the weave. The new SAGA Remy Weaving Nape piece will allow you to refresh the nape area as needed easily and simply.

You'll save money and time. By simply freshening the nape area of your weave, you won't have to get your whole weave re-done.

The SAGA Remy Weaving Nape piece is comfortable, flexible and breathable...need we say more?

  • Flexible & Stretchable Nape
  • Confortable & Breathable Wear
  • Retouch-able & Reusable Easycare
  • Nape + 1 Pack of Saga Weave = Complete Style

If you love wearing weaves then you know that the nape needs extra attention. Wear and tear on extensions positioned in this area due to friction, prespiration and movement can ruin a costly coif investment. Then new SAGA Remy Weaving NAPE piece offers weave wearers a quick, simple and stylish solution to help keep the NAPE line looking fresh and fabulous. Check it out here...

*Weaving hair sold separately*

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Additional Information

Brand Saga
SKU sarhwnape6_8
Special Price $8.64