Mimosa Wig Lilac

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Mimosa Wig Lilac

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Mimosa Premium Wig - Lilac
  • Color Shown: 6/30H

    Mimosa, Its leaves close quickly when touched.

    Her Sensitivity is revived as the nobility of wigs by our master artisan.

    Your fastidious taste in wigs never

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    Additional Information

    Brand Mimosa
    SKU mimosa_lilac
    Crimp Bang
    Special Price $31.29
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    I have been wearing lilac for two weeks straight, slept in it and even worked out in it. It looks nearly as perfect as when I took it out of the box and I am totally shocked as hard as I have been on it. _x000D_ _x000D_ I don't believe the picture does it justice at all. I have both shades of blonde and it really looks like Penny from Big Bang Theory's hair. It's just a really pretty curl, looks like a hot roller curl that fell a bit but still has a bit of definition to it. The curl pattern has held. All I do is take it off in the a.m., spray it with a little water or wig spray and shake it out. Then I start at the bottom and under the back (of the nape, wear hair typically tangles and deteriorates first and most) and work my way up and out with my fingers or a brush. Very carefully not jerking or pulling whatsoever...... Takes a total 5 minutes, maybe. This is NOT future friendly, and I accidentally put heat on it since most of my others are and it was 'habit.' It only took me a second to see I fried a little piece but it was an ez fix. I just angle-layered the piece out with scissors and it looks exactly as before._x000D_ _x000D_ Highly recommend.

    Picture does not even come close to doing it justice

    So, I had recently decided I wanted to make a DRASTIC change (I am a caucasian, been doing quick weaves to hide where my hair fell out from complications of miscarriage). I have always been brunette, light skinned and blue eyes. I decided to go BLONDE. Tired of doing quick weaves, and wanting to give my scalp a break I started pondering wigs.....though I never pegged myself a 'type' that wears wigs. Ironically, I think it is really the opposite and there are so many people wearing weaves, wigs and extensions more so than natural hair. LOL._x000D_ _x000D_ Anyway, I really wanted to be able to pull it off, you know? My fiancee is very picky and tends to notice every little error or misstep; so I knew I had to be cautious and learn about the whole processes. _x000D_ _x000D_ This was my first wig purchase from the local BSS, they were sitting on the endcap in these adorable pink boxes and I looked at the blondes carefully and couldn't decide so I got both. One is strawberry blonde, and the other is closer to golden blonde. They both look tragically real. This hair looks so real, it is so much lighter than I can even explain and extremely silky and soft. I dont know anyway it could possibly be synthetic but apparently it is. At the store, I saw the red and the brunette....pretty much all the colors were gorgeous and it was hard to resist the other colors, but I had made a solid decision to just go blonde for awhile. Do not hesitate to get this one, barbz. There is nothing fake looking about it except the fact that people will be jealous that your hair is so beautiful. _x000D_ _x000D_ The other thing I do want to mention is this is gorgeous out of the box, but part of the brands mantra is comfort. The cap is designed to be extremely comfortable and they have definitely acheived this. There are no combs and they are not needed. You have two bands inside that are velco/stretch and tighten to fit your head. _x000D_ _x000D_ Although this was the first wig I purchased, I had bought several and worn this one third. There is so much difference over even the most gorgeous equal (I wore Amerie in 613 27 and needed quite a bit of work around the hairline, and the other I wore also was Gala......I recommend both definitely). However THIS one I was saving to put on and feel gorgeous, special. I needed it today!_x000D_ _x000D_ Get this one! You won't regret it, all the colors are beautiful, too, so whichever you are seeking this will be beautiful.