Zury Chiffon Double Lace Wig CH DAISY [D]

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Zury Chiffon Double Lace Wig CH DAISY [D]

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Zury Chiffon Double Lace Wig CH DAISY
  • Double Chiffon Front Finish Lace Wigs

    Double The Lace. Double The Comfort.
    The Chiffon Double Lace Front Wigs were designed for those with sensitive and easily irritated skin. They were specially made to minimize forehead irritation. They use a silk soft lace to give a softer finish and a softer more flexible hairline that moves with the facial expressions. They are finished with a silicon reinforcement to prevent any unraveling or fraying. Increased durability, minimal sliding, ear to ear lace that gives a natural looking hairline while minimizing damage to the natural baby hairs.

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    Brand Zury Sis
    SKU 699337434
    Style Curly
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