n colors
de colors- dipped end colors
Dipped end basically means to dye parts of your hair another color.
Bright hues, pastels and the popular "ombré" gradient shading are all popular hair colors.
p colors- piano colors (side by side)
Chunky, side-by-side streaks of contrasting color.
f colors- frosted colors
This is one of the most popular color mixes. Frost colors have sprinkles of colors throughout the piece. Frosted highlight colors spice up the color without changing the overall color of the hair. Adding even small amounts of highlight color will liven up the color without changing the overall color of the piece.
gf colors
GF is a new combination of low-lights, highlights, and multiple colors.
3t colors
Three shades of colors from front to back gives even more depth and volume providing you with a personalized look.
t colors
Solid color strands of hair are placed throughout by varying color, thickness and length to give you a natural blended look.
tt colors- top and bottom
This is a definite contrast color with the prominent solid base color at the roots gradually fading into the solid highlight color to the ends. This blend give the appearance of a hair color that has grown out.
tp colors- tipped colors
These are mixed color blends with solid color on the ends. The mixed color would be the same as a full mix that gradually fades into a solid highlight color at the ends. The overall color of a tipped colored hairpiece is considerably lighter than frosted colors. Expects lots of the highlight color with this blend.
other mixed colors
The word is a french word for shading or graduating. Dark hair at the scalp and lighter on the ends. Usually the color blends from dark to light.
om colors- ombre colors
op colors- ombre piano colors
oh colors
* NOT ALL STYLES AND PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL COLORS. The product options boxes show colors for the item. The colors displayed will vary depending on your computer monitor type and settings. Online color charts and color descriptions are meant to be used as a reference only. The color chart is not a color guarantee.