Isis Brown Sugar Silk Lace Front Wig BS603

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Isis Brown Sugar Silk Lace Front Wig BS603

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Regular Price: $84.99

Special Price $29.90

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NAME: Isis Brown Sugar Silk Lace Front BS603
MATERIAL: Human hair blend
TYPE: Lace front wig
LENGTH: Long / Length Front: 6” / Sides: 15” / Top: 13” / Nape: 17”/ Crown: 12” / Finish Length: 24” / Upper Back: 15

  • Multiple direction partings
  • Maximum manageability
  • Versatile styling
  • Human hair stylemix
  • Natural looking finish
  • Free flow part 4x4
  • Natural scalp - Natural skin tone part
  • The best taste human hair stylemix - Experience superior wig quality like no other! We exclusively introduce Brown Sugar Human Hair StyleMixTM, the wig designed to fit and last your everyday lifestyle! Brown Sugar's natural texture delivers maximum comfort so you feel no irritation only satisfaction. We never compromise when it comes to quality, which is why Brown Sugar delivers the best results when it comes to styling and lasting durability. Brown Sugar, the Best Natural Taste in Human Hair StyleMix, Wigs!
  • Part your hair wherever you desire with Brown Sugar Silk Lace Wig! You can throw those wig caps away and never have to worry about a U-Part, L-Part or any other letter in the alphabet, with Brown Sugar Silk Lace FREE FLOW PART Wig, you can freely Part your hair in any direction!

  • Enjoy silk lace benefits that include a softer finish, maximum comfort, no irritation and camouflaged knots with skin tone silk lace for a natural looking scalp that matches your own!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand ISIS Collection
SKU isBS603
Parting 4x4 Lace
Crimp Layered, Straight
Special Price $29.90
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Jasmine S.
Not Quite What I Expected

The cap was nice and snug, but the quality was not as expected. It just wasn't as pretty as it was in the picture.

Amy P.
Even better than anticipated ...

Just as the other reviewer said, the hair quality is exceptional and the slight Yaki crimp to the hair seems to make it tangle free. I do not find you need to pluck the part (and plucking is normal for me) because it is so thick it's not flat around the part. it looks as if you used a blow-dryer with your head upside down, or while brushing it straight back and when you do that your part doesn't really show even with real hair. _x000D_ my big problem with the wig was the thickness -- it is amazingly thick, so much so that I got a great big bump at the nape, even though the cap isn't too big (the cap and the lace is gorgeously soft and well sized for any head because it's stretchy). I solved this by removing the bottom three wefts by picking out the stitches. This had the added bonus of making it shorter when I planned to have the back cut professionally. _x000D_ Of course, you can't wear the back up if you do this -- however, if you have the same problem and do wear it up or don't want to lose the length, you could use thinning scissors. _x000D_ The other solution is to flat iron the entire back -- a lot of the bulk would be reduced by eliminating the bit of crimping. _x000D_ Honestly, I don't see how, otherwise, you would ever get this wig into a ponytail. _x000D_ But seriously? Don't even think about the fact that this wig is ten or so dollars more than a lot of other lace wigs. It is by far the most comfortable synthetic wig I have ever had (equivalent to full Swiss lace remy wigs) and it looks better than real remy (the quality of real hair is so variable that ****** or otherwise it isn't as nice as this). _x000D_ I've also never had a unit this realistic (apart from the fact that I'm too old to ever have natural hair this nice, but it makes me look younger, so who cares?)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this wig!

I cannot get over how tangle free this hair is. I have been this unit all day, every day and even sleeping in this unit every night for more than two weeks and still no tangles! This unit is as soft and manageable as the day I unpacked her! _x000D_ The hair has a sort of fine crinkly texture to it when you look really closely and it and is sort of squishy when you squeeze the hair in a ponytail. It is hard to explain, but this is not a bad thing. I think this texture gives this hair so much volume so unless you like rocking the thick hair this baby may not be for you! Because she is THICK and falls beautifully. I am in wig heaven! :) I have not tired to flat iron her yet but I have read other review that say she is a dream to style. Also I have had no shedding at all._x000D_ This unit has a 4x4 part area in the top, so you can part her wherever you want. The down side is the parting space does not look anything like the promotional material pictures of the silk lace top. I had to pluck the area where I wanted my part and use concealer because the silk lace top looked unnatural. This is a minor fault when you look at the overall quality of this unit._x000D_ The lace front is very soft and it did not sit flat on me, even with bobby pins. So I had to use tape. Zero irritation from the lace front, it is so soft. I do have a small head, so maybe if you have a larger head this may not be a problem for you. I am happy to use the tape as this unit is so comfortable to wear for an extended time, and as I said before, I can sleep in this unit without the hair tangling._x000D_ I brought my unit in the colour SH4/30. I found that the highlighting is only visible if you have a left part. it is hidden on a right part and barely visible on a centre part which is a bit disappointing as I prefer a right part or a centre part. I am getting used to the left part. I suppose it is only habit anyway. The color of the #4 is very dark, looks more like a #2 to me. I am very excited to be ordering this unit again soon in HB1/30. _x000D_ I am rating this unit 5 stars because of the quality of the hair in this unit is fantastic. I have been wearing wigs for almost 15 years and the hair quality in this wig is the BEST quality and texture, tangle free. The superior hair quality of this unit far outweighs any of the other faults that are fixable with a little work that you would end up doing on most other units anyway. _x000D_ I have attached a pictures of me wearing this unit. I am nearly 60 so probably a bit old to be rocking this unit, but I don't care what people think .... I am in love with the hair and it makes me feel young._x000D_  Review