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Sif Fast Acting Low 5.5 pH Lace Front Wig Bond Kit (Glue / Remover with Sponge Brush )

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Sif Fast Acting Lace Front Wig Bond Kit (Glue/Remover with Sponge Brush )

Bonding Glue 1 fl oz / Bond Remover 2fl oz & Free Sponge Stick
Gentle on Skin, Fast Action, Beautician #1 Choice



< How to apply >

1. Remove All Makeup and oil residues around the hairline.

2. Apply a thin layer of the lace bond around hairline.

3. Make sure the glue is clear and tacky before applying the lace unit or give

30 sec - 1 min. Apply more as needed for extra strength.

4. Apply lace unit on hairline and press for 1 min or until it is firmly placed.



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